Marine Surveying Services

What services does Baltik Kontor Klaipėda Ltd. provide? Why choose BKK services above others?


Why choose BKK? It might be for the reason that we have been operating in marine surveys and services for 20 years already being among the longest operating surveyor companies in Klaipėda and Lithuania (established in 1995). Or perhaps it should be for the reason that our team is made up of professionals boasting dozens of years of experience in marine operations?  Or due to our well-known and recognizable brand? Because we are a part of Baltic Kontor network (Baltic Kontor Ltd. is an official Lloyd’s agency in Latvia) and we have provided servicers for hundreds of shipowners, charterers, and other major players in the shipping industry. And again, it might be for the reason that you would hardly find a P&I club or H&M (hull and machinery) underwriter for whose insured vessels we have not provided our services. Or perhaps it should be for the reason that you can find us in the lists of P&I correspondents, average agents and recommended surveyors (Klaipėda, Lithuania)?

Each our customer has his own reason why he has decided on working with BKK, in most cases it will be a combination of the above reasons augmented by our flexibility, commitment to our profession and many other reasons. We love the sea and what we do, and we are good at our work and we are doing it well.

We perform all kinds of marine and cargo surveys, also provide average agent and other services which, for our purpose, can be grouped as follows:

  • Cargo surveys (draft survey, sampling, tanks or holds inspections, cargo damage surveys (bulk, liquid, general cargoes, containers, railway wagons, etc.), pre-shipment surveys, bunker quantity surveys, etc.);
  • Marine surveys (evaluation surveys, condition surveys, collision surveys, etc.);
  • Average agents;
  • P & I correspondents;
  • ISPS, ISM & MLC;
  • Other services (such as hatch sealing, towing calculations, tallyman services, etc.)

Please read more about our services on other website sections (lists are not exhaustive, you’re welcome to make your enquiry and we will be happy to give you an answer).

Please write to us or give us a call, such a contact may lead to a long-term and productive cooperation.