About us

Baltik Kontor Klaipėda, Lithuanian and Latvian Limited Liability Company (hereinafter – BKK), was established in 1995 as a Lithuanian subsidiary of Baltic Kontor SIA  (Latvia, Riga), which, in turn, was incorporated in 1992 by Latvian and German maritime professionals who saw a great potential in the newly independent Baltic countries. Today Baltic Kontor (official Lloyd‘s agency in Latvia) has its business offices at Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja and Klaipėda.

BKK is among the oldest surveyors companies in Lithuania. We have gained a tremendous experience as independent maritime experts by having performed tasks and represented interests on behalf of hundreds of shipowners, charterers and other businesses in the worldwide shipping industry.  It must be for this reason that we can take pride in acting as correspondents at the port of Klaipėda for such major players of marine insurance as Gard or West of England P&I clubs, Hanseatic Underwriters , etc.

The aim of our company is to assist our customers in developing their business and to protect their interests by providing expertise services in the areas of maritime transport, cargo shipping and insurance. We help prevent claims related to cargo quantity and quality, assess averages, and supervise repair jobs for shipowners, carriers, insurance companies.  You are kindly invited to read more about our services.